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Dustbin Boundary Wall 7 ft Chair Bench in Red Colour Chair Bench in Decirative Finish Circular Table with Circular Bench Jersey Barrier Letter Box News Furniture Spacers/Cover Blocks New Tree Guard Balluster System Portable Concrete Pan Mixer
October 11, 2014 - KK Lending a helping hand to Swachh Bharat...
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March 24, 2014 - Learn how RCC dustbins are transforming Gurgaon...
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March 1, 2014 - Why use of steel crash barriers on Indian highways is bad...
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Dec , 2013 - Introducing portable pan mixer...
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Nov , 2013 - Updated design of Manhole covers & frames...
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Sept 3, 2013 - New Tree Guard Launched
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Sept 3, 2013 - Case Study on Cover Blocks
Our cover blocks are being used extensively during construction on on-going Delhi Metro projects....Read the entire article
Sept 3, 2013 - New Product - Bench
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Sept 3, 2013 - New Product - Table Tennis Table (All RCC Construction)
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May 13, 2013 - Celebrating Selling Fifty Thousand Benches
On the occassion of surpassing 50,000 chair benches till.....Read the entire article
May 13, 2013 - Case study on slit drains
We supplied slit drains to HB Estate Developers Pvt Ltd for their project Premium Business Hotel in Gurgaon, Haryana......Read the entire article
May 13, 2013 - New Bird Spike Launched
Hopefully, you are already familiar with our stainless steel spikes to solve bird nuisance. Now we have added an all polycarbonate spike to our offering......Read the entire article
Jan 18, 2013 - Beautifying SDMC Parks
We have been awarded a tender to supply 4000 nos decorative finish chair benches across parks falling under the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal corporation. .....Read the entire article
Jan 18, 2013 - Precast wall for a residential development
We are supplying and installing 7 ft high precast concrete boundary wall for a residential project located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The total length of the boundary wall is 1.75 KMs......Read the entire article
Jan 18, 2013 - New Letter Box is Now Available for Sale
The letter box we launched last month is now available for sale. The color combination available consists of orange door with a cream body. The letterbox manufactured by us offers many benefits and will enhance the beauty of your project or house.....Read the entire article
Oct 12, 2012 - Spotlight Project: Boundary Wall for Industrial Site
We are supplying and fixing precast components for construction of a 6 ft above ground height boundary wall for an industrial site located in Haryana. Read the entire article
Oct 12, 2012 - Spotlight Project: Boundary wall for residential complex
We are supplying boundary wall components for construction of a 10 ft above natural ground level boundary wall.Read the entire article
Oct 12, 2012 - New Product: Precast Concrete See Saw
We have recently developed a see-saw for children's playground made from precast reinforced concrete. Read the entire article
Oct 12, 2012 - New Product: Plastic Letter Box
We have recently launched a new type of plastic letter box for the Indian market. The letter box manufactured by us is durableRead the entire article
March 21, 2012 - Spotlight Project: Jersey Barriers at Rao Tula Marg, New Delhi
We have recently concluded supplying jersey barriers at Rao Tula Marg, New Delhi to permanently separate the lanes of traffic on a flyover constructed in the recent past.Read the entire article
March 21, 2012 - Transformational Innovations: Mechanism to Unload RCC pipes from a Truck
In the 1980s, we introduced a new method to unload RCC pipes from a truck without the use of cranes.Read the entire article
March 21, 2012 - Idea: A Better way of constructing storm water drains.
In our experience, storm water drains in India have four major issues. Read the entire article
March 21, 2012 - Survey: Proposal for new format of Vehicle Number Plates
Imagine you are a witness to an accident and the perpetrator is trying to make a getaway in his car. Read the entire article
May 20, 2011 - Product Update: How do you make sure that the product you are buying was manufactured by us
We all know that piracy is a major issue in India. Unfortunately, products made by us are not immune to piracy. From time to time we receive complaints about our products only to concludeRead the entire article
April 8, 2011 - NEW PRODUCT: Launching Bird Spike
If you live in any major metro area of India, you are no stranger to problems caused by birds. Bird droppings cause damage to our investments, are particularly not a pleasant site, and may also result in human health issues (avian flu remember). Read the entire article
Feb 5, 2011 - NEW PRODUCT: New Design of Plastic Encapsulated Steel Footrest
KK has developed a new plastic encapsulated steel footrest for sewer manholes. We have modified the design of our old footrest to obtain same performance at better value. Read the entire article

KK Manhole & Gratings Co. Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete products. We also sell certain plastic products used in construction. Our product range spans outdoor furniture, flooring, storm water drainage, sewage drainage, security barriers, footrests, spacers, etc. These products find application in road construction, commercial and residential construction, railway platforms and telecommunications.  more..