KK Ballusters
KK balluster fencing
  • Overall Dimensions: Balluster Height: 800mm; Bottom Rail: 900mm Length X 230mm Breadth X 85 mm Thickness; Top Rail: 900mm Length X 245mm Breadth X 95mm Thickness
  • Modular system consisting of ballusters, top rail, and bottom rail
  • Bottom and top rail have a 1 inch hole running along the length to assist in connecting adjacent rails using a rebar
  • Suitably Reinforced
KK baluster KK baluster KK baluster KK baluster KK baluster
Konkrete Precast Concrete Products are manufactured using the latest vibro-compaction techniques, accurately designed moulds, appropriate reinforcement with circular plastic spacers and a concrete grade of M30 and above. In our constant endeavour to improve the products, the specifications may change without notice. All dimensions are in mm
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