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Boundary wall and Lighting roled into one…


KK's Boundary Wall with Light Fixture..
Dear Associate:

We are pleased to bring to your attention a unique boundary wall project we have been involved with. Shown above is a picture of this wall of 4ft above ground height with provision for installing light fixtures. The columns used in the boundary wall have a mild steel pipe at the top for attaching a light fixture and a plastic conduit running along the length through which electrical wires can be introduced. The column also incorporates an electrical box through which the wire can accessed for future repair and maintenance.

I hope you will evaluate this option for your next perimeter wall project

Are prestressed boundary walls strong?

Increasingly, some companies in India have been promoting and selling a prestressed boundary wall solution in India. They claim that they use 3-4 HT strands to prestress the panels. We became suspicious of this claim because common sense would dictate that these thin panels would bend under the prestressing forces. We decided to investigate by procuring prestressed panels and subjecting them to load tests in comparison to our KK RCC boundary wall system.
In order to test the load bearing capacity of the panels we made a simple test in which we simply supported the panel on both ends and applied a static load in the center by placing known weights (in this case 30 kg concrete kerb stones). The prestressed panels failed at a load of 90 kg while our KK RCC panels were able to take 180 kgs till development of a crack. Below are pictures of these tests.
This test unambiguously demonstrates that the prestress panel is significantly weaker than our KK RCC panel. One would conclude that the prestressing is non-existant.
Prestress Test Comparison

Some pictures from an on-going boundary wall project near Chandigarh

We are happy to share some recent snaps from a boundary wall project near Chandigarh. On this project we are supplying our 8ft high boundary wall system with 50 mm thick panels. Two panels have been customized with the logo/branding of the client. The boundary wall is being erected aroung a residential development. The total span of the wall is expected to be 1 km. Please click on the following link to view more pictures from this project:

Precast Boundary wall

Introducing a stronger precast boundary wall

We have added a larger cross-section pole to our precast boundary wall offering for applications which require higher load bearing capacity. The new pole is 200mm x 200 mm in cross-section and comes in heights of 3 meter or 2.4 meters. Along with a suitably designed in-situ foundation the new pole will allow the precast boundary wall to carry earth loads effectively.

On your next boundary wall project, if you have a retaining wall requirement think about specifying the new pole along with our 70 mm thick panels.

Case Study – Precast Wall for a Residential Development

We are supplying and installing 7 ft high precast concrete boundary wall for a residential project located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The total length of the boundary wall is 1.75 KMs.
The wall is being constructed from 8 ft high poles which are being erected in the ground up to a depth of 2 ft. Between adjacent poles we are inserting 40 mm thick wall slabs to bring the above ground height to 7 ft. The middle panel of the wall has been customized with an engraving of the builders initials.
The total project will be completed in under 5 months.


precast boundary wall cost comparison with brick wall in India

We ran a cost comparison of a precast wall built with 40 mm thick slabs against a 9 inch thick brick wall. At current costs, the precast wall is almost 30% cheaper than a brick wall (Note: the cost comparison is before prevailing taxes)

In addition to the above one time costs, a precast concrete boundary wall also has lower life time costs in terms of:

  • Longer Life span (precast concrete has lasted for more than 100 years)
  • No need for plastering on an on going basis