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KK introduces Konkrete Water Tank for Residential & Commercial Applications

KONKRETE water tank will allow you to enjoy clean and hygenic water at a comfortable temperature while saving you money. The tank made from concrete provides insulation against cold and hot atmospheric conditions. In addition, modular configuration of the tank allows for easy shipping, storage as well as easy assembly in difficult to access locations – even if access is through a narrow staircase. Moreover, it costs less than a plastic tank. KK Water Tank
Volume:450 liters
Material of Construction: Reinforced Cement Concrete
You would require the following items for assembly

  • Four tank connectors – 2 nos 1/2 inch and 2 nos 3/4 inch with long thread (available from Supreme Company Dealer)
  • Jointing kit consisting of four parts to be used in the following fashion

New addition to our planter family

Dodecahedron Planter

Dear Business Partner:

We are pleased to introduce our newest member to the planter family.

The new planter aptly called “dedecahedron planter” is a compact planter of approximately 10 inches height and width.

The geometric shape of this planter will perfectly complement your indoor design themes.

Please contact us for more information.

Dodecahedron Planter

Some interesting new products from KK

 In this Issue

  • Launching revolutionary cover blocks for RCC construction
  • Spotlight on some other new products
April 2016 II issue
Cover Block
  • Provides the prescribed cover in RCC columns, beams, walls & piles.
  • Maintains the cover even after rotation of the cover block.
  • Is strong enough to endure the stresses encountered in RCC work.
  • Is easy to install.
KK cover blocks are becoming de facto standard for providing cover to reinforcement in RCC construction. They have been prescribed in various prestigious projects across India. Some examples include Delhi Metro, Chennai Metro, etc.KK manufactures cover blocks from concrete and plastics. These cover blocks provide exceptional load bearing capacity (concrete cover blocks use minimum M-50 grade concrete) and will go a long way in extending the life of RCC structures.

Some pictures from an on-going boundary wall project near Chandigarh

We are happy to share some recent snaps from a boundary wall project near Chandigarh. On this project we are supplying our 8ft high boundary wall system with 50 mm thick panels. Two panels have been customized with the logo/branding of the client. The boundary wall is being erected aroung a residential development. The total span of the wall is expected to be 1 km. Please click on the following link to view more pictures from this project:

Precast Boundary wall

Now available a range of ballusters for balconies and terraces

We now offer 5 types of ballusters to suit almost every application of balluster railings in balconies and terraces. We also offer two types of top and bottom rails (not shown in the picture) to complement the ballusters.

Using our precast balluster along with top and bottom rail one can erect a beautiful looking balluster fencing in fraction of the time it normally takes.

All products are made from high strength precast concrete in factory controlled settings which makes these products very durable.

Project Spotlight: Completed supply of Village Toilet to Panchkula, Haryana

We have completed supply of 60 prefabricated toilets to a project in Panchkula, Haryana. The toilets were supplied in an unassembled condition. The components were assembled at site and the WC was connected to a on-site made soakpit.

The toliet is made from RCC components which are assembled using galvanized nuts and bolts. The door of the toilet is made from laminated cement particle board. The toilet incorporates a unqiue lock that can either be locked from inside or outside but never both. See picture below to get a flavour.