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KK plastic footrest is a uniquely designed copolymer polypropylene plastic encapsulated steel reinforced manhole safety step (also known as Foot rest). It is a superior alternative to conventional Mild Steel/Cast Iron step in manholes. It offers unmatched resistance to all types corrosive environments often characteristic of sanitary sewers. The unique design and colour provides added safety to the cleaning personnel.

  • Minimum 3 mm thick Polypropylene copolymer is injection moulded around a 12 mm dia tor-steel bar
  • Orange Color
  • Minimum overall length of 260 mm and width of 165 mm
  • Protruding legs have a 2 mm tread on top surface by dots for providing an antiskid surface
  • Designed to withstand the bend test and chemical resistance test as per specification
  • Polyproplyene copolymer conforming to ASTM D-4101/IS-10910
  • 12 mm dia Fe-415 Steel reinforcement conforming to IS - 1786
Width: 165 mm
Length: 260 mm
Thickness:20 mm