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We at KK strive to solve India's problems by leveraging precast concrete solutions.

In the Indian context, precast concrete is ideally suited because it is economical, durable, theft proof, & moldable in many shapes and patterns.

Over the years, we have been instrumental in pioneering numerous products that solve India specific problems. This relentless pursuit of new ideas has placed us at the leading edge of India centric prefabricated construction technology.

We are focused and determined to continue this journey to bring innovative solutions to enable Indian construction industry to build faster, better and smarter.

Why KK?

World class solutions are built on relentless application of common sense with the objective of constant improvement, so we are proud of our focus on applying this principle for quality control, product design, and service orientedness.

National Capability

Operating from four plants located in North & South India, KK produces a diverse range of precast concrete and ancillary products.

Industry Best Quality

We recognize that the raw materials available in India are non-standard. Therefore our mix design builds in sufficient safety factors to ensure that we exceed our customer's expectations in terms of strength & quality. In addition, our reinforcement design is unique to ensure we meet the load bearing capacity of RCC structures

One Stop Shop

We offer everything from landscaping, sewage drainage, storm water management, road barriers, boundary walls, coping stones, toilets, and road infrastructure.

A Leader in Precast Solutions

We are composed of seasoned industry experts with deep qualification in engineering and design. Our team is able to work with clients to understand their custom requirements and deliver meaningful & cost effective solutions.