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The KK Village toilet is ideal for Indian villages. The toilet has an Indian style WC which can be connected to a separately constructed septic chamber. The user of the toliet has to carry his own water.

It is an all RCC construction which is manufactured in multiple components. These components are transported to the site and assembled using nuts and bolts. The toilet is manufactured in a factory setting which ensures superior quality. The toilet is durable, maintenance free, cost-effective and vandalism and theft proof.

  • Overall dimensions: Height:2310mm (7ft 6.8inches); Width: 1010mm (3ft 3.76inches); Depth: 1220mm (4ft)
  • Weight once assembled is 900 kgs
  • Frame and Panels are manufactured from RCC using M-30 grade of Concrete
  • Panels are reinforced with 4x50x50mm welded wire mesh.
  • Door is manufactured from 12mm thick laminated cement particle board (BISON or equivalent)
  • Side RCC panels are 25mm thick while the bottom panel is 40mm thick
  • Suitable hinges are provided for the door to swivel
  • A unique lock is provided to close the cabin when in use. The door lock is designed so that the same can be locked from inside or outside but never both.The cost of the lock is almost NIL therefore its theft is not a concern.
  • All RCC components are reinforced suitably to promote long use and to prevent damage during handling & transportation

35 years